Close-to-production Tesla Cybertruck prototype spotted, 4-wheel steering test video, rear light update by Musk

Elon Musk reassures that the production of the Tesla Cybertruck will start this year

Elon Musk, Tesla, and the Governor of Nevada to announce a new $3.5 billion Tesla Semi factory

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Tesla (TSLA) delivers a record number of cars in Q4 2022, a record year as well — announces earnings call date

Elon Musk tells Tesla (TSLA) employees not to worry about the company’s stock price but rather focus on the end-of-year deliveries

Older Tesla Model S/X owners with MCU1 are reportedly getting the FSD Beta request button with the 2022.8.10.8 update

From Fremont to San Diego, watch Tesla Semi perform a 500-mile run on a single charge

Tesla Semi completes its first 500-mile run with max load capacity just days before the first deliveries today

Tesla relaunches the Referral Program which offers rewards like free Supercharging, merchandise, and solar

Tesla offers free Supercharging on Thanksgiving at select locations in the United States

Tesla Megafactory Lathrop went from groundbreaking to Megapack production in just 1 year

Tesla offers a free color upgrade to Quicksilver & Cherry Red for existing orders of Model Y in Europe

Tesla launches new Model Y colors Quicksilver & Midnight Cherry Red for Europe and the Middle East

Tesla Model S and Model X Plaid deliveries to Europe to start in November